How do you Connect at Red Mountain Park?

As a trail runner and president of the Birmingham Ultra Trail Society, I love introducing people to the joys of trail running and hiking. Not only are the trails a place to connect with nature, but they offer the perfect "meeting room" to build a community of friends as well. Our club meets at Red Mountain weekly for group runs, and we invite new and experienced trail runners/hikers to join us for a boost in endorphins and connection with nature.

Why do you support Red Mountain Park?

Spending time on trails has so many physical and mental benefits, and if we can remove barriers, more people will join in. Red Mountain Park has already been hard at work to remove barriers by building two parking lots at either end of the park to improve access. They also provide free entry so that cost is never an issue when deciding on whether or not to walk, run, or bike there. I support Red Mountain so that they can continue to offer entry to everyone with as few barriers as possible!


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