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Birmingham’s story begins in the mines of Red Mountain, and in Red Mountain Park, Birmingham’s promise is revealed as our community has reclaimed and reinterpreted the mountain as a space for restoration. In less than a decade, this historic iron-ore mining site—a half-century dormant—has become synonymous with the outdoors in Birmingham. Whether it’s the flora and fauna, the scale of the industrial remnants dotting the forested trails, or the individual narratives of the mining families who worked the mountain, Red Mountain Park invites you to travel far and to dive deep. By supporting the Evergreen Campaign, you help us uncover and highlight more stories—both past and present—of the role the mountain has played in our community.



Creating space to just be and to just breathe is vital to community health. Just eight miles from Birmingham’s city center and in close proximity to the communities of Bessemer, Brighton, Fairfield, Homewood, Hoover, Lipscomb, Midfield, and Vestavia, Red Mountain Park offers a quick escape for the entire metro to integrate into daily life. From those searching for challenging terrain and vigorous exercise to those looking for a short walk along a gently rolling path during their lunch break, our trails offer an endlessly personalized experience. Your support of the Evergreen Campaign allows Red Mountain Park to be what the community needs when the community needs it.



From birders to community college history students, corporate retreats, cross country teams, dog lovers, elementary school groups, faith groups, garden clubs, geologists, hikers, trail runners, mountain biking clubs, neighborhood organizations, research biologists, volunteers, walkers (you get the picture), Red Mountain Park fortifies communities of common interests while forging new, cross-community relationships. With 15 miles of trails across 1,500 acres, there is something for everyone at Red Mountain Park. Behind that “something” is a welcoming and enthusiastic community eager to share its love for the Park. Your support of the Evergreen Campaign sustains this dynamic convening space for all of Birmingham to gather. 

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