How do you Explore at Red Mountain Park?

I visit Red Mountain Park with my family -- my wife, our three-year-old son, and our two dogs.  During the pandemic, my son and I have spent a lot of time on the trails. He has an incredible ability to notice the smallest details. He finds things that some people might walk past without ever noticing: camouflaged frogs, tiny caterpillars, animal tracks, and his all-time favorite, mushrooms. We are a great team: he points out amazing things and I photograph them. Sometimes we literally move along the trail at a snail's pace. When we are outside his imagination comes to life with questions and ideas about how the world works. Exploring Red Mountain has been a great way for us to really slow down and be present with each other. 

Why do you support Red Mountain Park?

I support Red Mountain Park because it provides a free and beautiful space for learning and exploring.


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