How do you Explore at Red Mountain Park?

I primarily explore the part in a couple of ways: mostly, I run the trails 2-3 days a week with some friends that I've met through organized runs at the park. The Bearly Ultra race is one of the ways I've explored what total exhaustion feels like, because it involved running for 4 1/2 hours. I've also met lots of new people from a variety of backgrounds who may not have all that much in common with me besides the love of trail running. The other way I explore the park is by looking for moths and plants that I and my research students can study. It's amazing to me the ways that the ecological communities of Red Mountain have recovered from the history of mining.

Why do you support Red Mountain Park?

When the COVID quarantine hit, my greatest fear was that Red Mountain would close the trails to hikers and runners. I can cope with all the crazy stuff going on in life if I can keep running, so I'm pretty sure I would've had a breakdown if they'd shut down the trails. The same goes for financial support - the resource needs financial support as well, so that's why I urge my friends to become members.



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